Signposts you will see on the way to the caravan


Follow the sign post that says Bigbury B3392 towards Bigbury

Continue to follow the same road Bigbury-on-Sea B3392

You will pass through st. Anns Chapel

Then turn right towards Challaborough

Keep driving for a while and then as you turn right, there is a shop on your left called Holywell Stores and this is the closest well-stocked supermarket. It is quite a small supermarket with a car park at the rear

If you don’t want to buy anything at the supermarket you will now be turning right next.

You will see these signs at the shop and you will now need to turn right at the shop and drive towards Challaborough

You will be going through Ringmore

More signposts to follow, please follow the road to Challabrough

The roads can get quite narrow so you may like to start driving slowly

You will see the red post box and just continue to follow the road Challabrough

Soon on your left you will pass the Bigbury Bay Holiday Park, just keep going on this road.

Soon you will pass the little Nisa supermarket shop on your right. This supermarket has a few essential items and souvenirs.
Follow the road to your left now.

You have now arrived at the challaborough Bay Holiday Park on the left-hand side is the entrance
You will see a big blue sign.
On entering the park on your right hand side you’ll see a big building with a blue triangle on the top of it that is where the reception is However if you look to your left

… on your left you will now see a little blue building. Please head towards that building slowly. You will see some white arrows painted on the road. This road will take you past the blue building which is the sales office.

Continue to follow the arrows
You’ll be passing the surf school on your left and then on your right you’ll be passing the swimming pool

If you look to the left and turn to the left you will see see the road Circular Road which takes you up a hill take that road

Continue up the hill
You will go past the red rubbish bins on your right hand side keep going up past them

Now you will see Stone Street and the caravan. Your parking is immediately on the left of the caravan as you go into Stone Street
Please park just in front of the red gas bottles. Your private garden is on the other side of the caravan.

Now that you have arrived

PLEASE PLEASE NOTE – that as you get out of your parked car, the road you have just driven on is just right next to you….so for any kiddies who dash out…this is not so fab. So please do ask them to check the road for oncoming vehicles before walking on the road.

To find the key safe please click here

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