Where To Unload and Where To Park

Address: 24 The Grove, Harleyford Estate, Henley Road, Marlow, Buckinghamshire SL7 2SN

After passing through the security gates you drive through a golf course.

Turn first right

Keep going until you see the no entry signs and keep going through them. The golf club is on your right at this point.

Please drive slowly and follow the road. You will pass the spaces marked V for visitor parking. Keep going.

On the right you will see a hidden rubbish bin. You want to turn immediately left.

Drive to the end of this little road and park. Look down the path and you will see number 24 The Grove. YOU CAN ONLY UNLOAD HERE FOR A VERY SHORT TIME….20 MINUTES MAXIMUM PLEASE. When you have finished unloading please go back down the same little road back to where you saw some cars parked.

So now you have turned your car around and gone back down the little road that you turned off from. Now, look left down that road and you will the very last parking space on the opposite side of the road is free for you.

Please check you are parked where there is the marker number 24 for you. If you see a silver Volvo or a white car in the car parking slot for number 24 then those cars belong Seamus who lives at number 21. He is very nice but sometimes parks in the wrong place. Please ask him to put his car in his own slot again so that you can park in yours. He is a nice chap so it won’t be a problem.

Now it is time to go back and start your holiday!

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