Access To Your Log Cabin

As you approach the front door of your log cabin, you will see the number 24 on the wall. A little further along you will see some wood sticking out in a vertical line. On the other side of this vertical line of wood sticking out….you will find the key safe.

The key safe is the little grey box that you see in this photo.

You need to slip forward the cover of the key safe to expose the numbers. Then please change those numbers to correspond with the numbers I have given you separately. This will unlock the safe.

Then the key safe will open and you will see the key. Once you have closed the key safe, please change the numbers so that the access code is no longer shown (even if the key safe is empty). Then please close up the cover of the key safe.

Now you can open the front door of the log cabin with the key and have a wonderful holiday. Please let us know that you are in safely and that all is well. Thank you.