General Check Out Info

We hope you have had a wonderful, wonderful time in Malta!
To make things easy for your check out we have prepared this below for you.

Checking Out

Sheets As all the beds are made up ready for guests, I would like to be sure that all the sheets that have been used are washed.  Sometimes it is not that clear which beds have been used.

So I would be super grateful if you would make it clear which beds you have used.


Dishes Any last minute dirty plates, cups etc including the bathroom cups, please put in the kitchen sink, or please run the dishwasher and leave the dishwasher door open when you leave so that the inside doesn’t go mouldy.


Furniture If you have moved any furniture around, please put it back as you found it. Thanks.


Remotes Please put the aircon remote control back by the microwave and the T.V. remote back by the T.V.


Blinds Please open all the blinds, open all the windows and close all the mosquito nets.


Rubbish Also if you can put any rubbish from the apartment and bathrooms, into the black bags and then put them in the public bin opposite the apartment on the other side of the road. This would be greatly appreciated.


Final Checks Please ensure the fridge and freezer doors are closed, and the washing machine, tumble dryer and dishwasher doors are all open so that they can fully dry out. Please double check that all the lights and air con is off.





Please put the keys in the small brown dish by the microwave where you initially found them.





I would be super, super grateful if you would do these things. I really hope you enjoyed your stay enough to want to come back.