Be patient as it sometime takes time for the required screen to come up
Please do not remove any cables
Also, please ensure the android box & TV are turned off when not in use

In the sitting room you have an android which means that you can watch many international news stations and many international channels.

Via the TV itself you can watch the local TV stations.

To use the android here are the steps you need to take.

1) Turn on first remote (first picture), press the red button at the top to turn it on, then underneath that you will see the button that looks like a house. Press that button.

2 + 3)
Then use the area around the circle with the letters OK in it to select the word COMPUTER. (see photo 2 and 3 )

Now please use the android box remote for the next step and not the tv’s remote ,

now select MOBODRO it is in the middle of the screen – press ok. (see next photo 4)

Again, using the android box remote or keyboard not the tv remote please


you can use the remote with the words OK in a grey circle to select what channel you want. News channel, kids channels, History Channel or Discovery Channel etc.

If you find that when you are watching a program the picture freezes…you have to go back and start again or wait a while
You Can also use Netflix if you have an account, Alternatively CyberFlix or Kodi to watch a movie and Tv Series if you don’t have a Netflix Account